Shay Strong

In the end of Jan 2013 we found out our daughter Shay had a tumor in the back of her brain. She had to go under a almost 11 hour surgery to have the tumor removed. We receive the news on Feb 5th 2013 that it was medulloblastoma, cancer of the brain. Shay was in the hospital for a couple weeks out of the month, and when she was there she saw all the kids going through the same thing she was. She decided she wanted to make care packages for kids going through what she was going through to help put a smile on their face.

Unfortunately we lost our beautiful baby girl Shay on Feb. 13th 2014. Her passing was the hardest thing we have ever had to deal with. But we decided we were going to keep her legacy alive and continue to do what Shay wanted to do and that is to help sick kids and help put a smile on their face! That is our goal with SHAY STRONG FOUNDATION keeping Shays legacy alive one smile at a time!